Christian Bale In Talks To Play Batman In The Justice League Movie

This news article was originally published on 3/04/2013

After early reports that the upcoming Man of Steel is going to be one of the best blockbusters of the summer, new rumors are surfacing that Christian Bale is discussing donning the cape an cowl for the new Justice League movie. Also, The Dark Knight Rises writer/director Christopher Nolan is in talks to oversee the films production.



Bale said in an earlier interview with Empire that he wouldn’t be opposed to returning to the role if the script was right.

This news doesn’t come as a surprise given the success of both Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and last summer’s The Avengers. A large part of Marvel’s success with The Avengers can be attributed to the studio’s dedication to creating a consistent universe which allowed for a smooth transition for The Avengers. Keeping Nolan in a supervising position should allow for a similar transition in the DC universe. Nolan also had a similar role on Man of Steel.

Keep in mind that this is all subject change as Warner Bros. continues to develop the project. Late last year there were early reports that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would return to his role from The Dark Knight Rises to play Batman in the Justice League film only to later be debunked.

This fan site Latino Review was the first to post this report yesterday afternoon. While the site didn’t reveal a source, they are known for having a leg up on DC news having broke news that Brandon Routh would play the man of steel in Superman Returns and that Heath Ledger would play The Joker in The Dark Knight.

What do you think about these early rumors? Would you want the Justice League film to exist in Nolan’s universe or be a brand new interpretation of the character? Let us know in the comments below!

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