Where Have I Been?

Hi everybody!

This isn’t a post with excuses disguised as reasons for for why I haven’t written anything on here since I reviewed Gone Girl last year. I am sorry I haven’t bed more active.

If you have been diving beyond the the blog portion of the site you may have noticed updates on the Professional Work page where I have been including links to the work I have been doing for MXDWN Movies. I have been writing news there and more recently, discussion pieces. Moving forward, all my movie-related work will be on there. You can find it all at the link below. I haven’t also included some links to work I’m particularly proud of. Enjoy!

My MXDWN Movies Work

Netflix Acquires Cary Fukunaga’s ‘Beasts of No Nation’

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Let’s Talk About…’Kingsman: Secret Service’

Niell Blomkamp to Develop ‘Alien’ Sequel

Let’s Talk About…’Selma’

Star Wars VIII Character Names Revealed on Retro Trading Cards

New ‘Jurrasic World’ Site Includes New Stills