From The AP Party: When Twitter Trolling Alienates Creators, It Ruins the Fun for Everyone


I wrote a piece over at The AP Party on the effects social media trolling has had on some of our best content creators. Click the link below for the full story.

I’m no saint. If anyone looked back at everything I have written or said publicly and amongst close friends during the entire 27 years of my existence, they would find plenty of reprehensible comments I made due to some combination of youth, ignorance and stupidity. Since joining Twitter in 2008, I have found those comments to be commonplace. Read More…


From The AP Party: ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Perfect for ‘Mad Men’ Fans Seeking Next Workplace Drama


I wrote a piece over at The AP Party on the AMC drama Halt and Catch Fire which starts its second season Sunday, May 31 and the first season is currently streaming on Netflix. Link below.

If the countless reviews, recaps and retrospectives haven’t made it clear yet, television’s “Golden Age” officially ended May 17 with the final episode of Mad Men, leaving a monster hole in our DVRs. With hundreds of cable shows that sit in the comfortable zone between “decent” to “good,” it’s near impossible to find the great ones. Read more…

From MXDWN Movies: ‘Slow West’ Review

Slow West 1

I wrote a review for the new western Slow West starring Michael Fassbender, Ben Mendelsohn and Kodi Smitt-McPhee for MXDWN Movies. Check it out!

The western has a long tradition with film – and fiction for that matter. The idiom, “white hats vs. black hats,” has been shorthand for good vs. evil for a while now. The genre has evolved over the years to include more complicated characters that defied these constraints and more realistic violence. Yet even with these changes, the western is also among the most self-referential genres in film, whether to pay homage to the past or to challenge its conventions. Among the most stalwart: notions of masculinity and, of course, the nature of good and evil. Read more…

From MXDWN and The AP Party: Two ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Discussions


This week, I participated in two discussions on Avengers: Age of Ultron. I really enjoyed the movie and you can read them both over at MXDWN Movies and The AP Party. Let me know what you thought and if you agree or disagree with my take in the comments below. Have a great weekend!