From The AP Party: Superheroes in Space May Be Lightyears Over Audiences Heads


With the third wave of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, which will end with The Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 closing the wave, around the corner; I wrote a piece for The AP Party on how the move to space will be the most difficult venture yet Link to the full article below

Looking at the blockbuster releases of the past seven years and at the upcoming slates through 2020, it’s clear superheroes aren’t going away anytime soon. As the market has shown, audiences are mostly willing to embrace comic book deep cuts that were once considered too obscure or “too nerdy” to become major blockbusters. While Marvel has proven that moviegoers will flock to see the Guardians of the Galaxy and even Ant-Man in action, these movies face their biggest challenges yet: outer space. Read More…