From ‘MXDWN Movies’: Let’s Talk About…’Spotlight’


I recently participated in a discussion on the new movie ‘Spotlight’ for MXDWN Movies. You can read the full discussion at the link below.

James: Alright, so Spotlight is slowly starting to make its way around the country. The film already has amassed large critical acclaim and early awards heat. Just to get started, what are your initial thoughts on the movie?

Tyler: I loved the movie. As someone who studied journalism, I have a soft spot for “journalists change the world” movies. I was engaged the whole time. What did you think?

James: It really is a terrific movie. Impassioned and intelligent, Spotlight does a wonderful job of getting to the root of its central investigation- sex abuse in the Catholic Church- and pointedly examines why it took so long for it to come about in the first place. It’s a great journalism movie (akin to All the President’s Men and The Insider), but hopefully more accessible than that. It felt like it was paced like a terrific thriller. Read More…


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